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Your Gift Saves Lives

Many cycling injuries are preventable. In fact, research has shown that wearing a helmet reduces the odds of serious head injury by 60 percent, traumatic brain injury by 53 percent, and the total number of killed or seriously injured cyclists by 34 percent.

With your donation, we provide critical education and safety equipment to make cycling safer for the most vulnerable people in our community. 


More than 95 percent of our funding goes directly to fulfilling our mission, and the remainder goes toward our fundraising efforts. Please consider gifting an amount listed below, or any other amount you would like to contribute.









Donate via PayPal

Your donation is tax deductible and secured by our Paypal platform. You do not need a Paypal account to give safely and easily through the link below.

Donate Stocks

Enjoy tax benefits by reducing or eliminating capital gains while advancing our goals of making Greenville County a safer place to cycle. 

Thank you for your support!

Prefer snail mail?  We do that too.  Mail us a check.


P.O. Box 31268

Greenville, South Carolina 29608

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